Semplice 5 "High Hopes" released!

08 September 2013 - 0 Comments

ITALY - It's our pleasure to announce the immediate release of the fifth stable release of Semplice Linux.

Changes? Are there any changes or you just kept drinking?

We haven't just spent nights drinking. we changed a lot of things and fixed many nasty bugs. For example, we added UEFI, LVM and encrypted LVM support in our even more awesome installer. So, even if NSA goes to your home, they can't retrieve your important personal data. And you can get easily to your favourite web applications via our new WebKit2-based web application viewer, oneslip. By default we include links to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and a beautiful Tetris game. Also, you can now further customize the features of your Semplice box.

Other changes are listed in the changelog.

Can I upgrade from Semplice 4?

Obviously! Just do your normal dist-upgrade.


The Semplice team -- Eugenio, Luca and Giuseppe.

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