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#1 2015-06-19 13:33:57

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Posts: 2,657
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On the recent community issue

This community exists since 2011 and I have never banned anyone (who wasn't a bot).
I believe in free speech and I'm happy to take even negative critiques, as long as they are constructive.

The niche nature of Semplice has built a most-of-the-time-happy community formed by mature people and I never had to "force my hand" to make things work. And I really don't want to follow this path now.

Having had the time to read yesterday's posts which have been since then silently deleted by the author, I kindly ask iamso1 to:

  • stop with the farce of 1alternate1. It's pretty obvious that it's used by the same person (hiding between a proxy is not the smartest idea, expecially when the writing style and the discussed topics match).
    It has been - admittedly - fun for me at first, but I'll take extreme measures on both accounts if this continues

  • stop reporting posts

  • stop insulting people for offering their help, solutions and alternative paths. This is a community, and every contribution should be appreciated

I have been patient so far, perhaps too much. I won't from now on.


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