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#1 2017-02-23 05:54:14

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Problem with bootup

This cropped up a few weeks ago.  During bootup I get a text message that says something like the computer can't find the 2 additional devices on the system (listed to be automounted in fstab), so systemd goes into its long 1.5 minute check.

The devices are:
1. a data partition that is formatted in ext4
2. a smaller data partition formatted in ntfs for use by other people using the machine.

The bootup continues and then it ends with something about it being in some maintenance mode, to press a key (I think either RETURN or ctrl-D) to continue.

So I press a key, and it proceeds to the normal login page.  It doesn't look like any maintenance mode.

I log in and everything looks the same.  The 2 devices are found and mounted and work fine (ie, read and writable).  I check fstab and the UUID has not changed for both.

So what has gone wrong?  Why the long search for the devices and the final result being that the devices are still there?

This is a 2 year+ old machine.  Pretty new and in very good condition as far as I know.


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