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Semplice 6

It's the latest version of Semplice Desktop. It's a Live CD, which means that you don't have to erase anything to try it out. Give it a spin, and explore all the features that make Semplice great. Then, if you want, you can install it directly from the Live media. We are sure that you'll like Semplice.

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Semplice runs on both 32 (686+) and 64-bit machines. Choose the flavour that suits best your needs below.


MD5 86378ac00317d44b5a0f9063f18af2cc
SHA1 e9e0848478cfbafad5d0d02c8ef4769980084041


MD5 f4dda759d39339595cb241266ef6d8a9
SHA1 5986ffe7c4f7b0c01707fd57e37ae0c9ec424696

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